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Create Your Own Annapolis Bucket List

Whether you are visiting Annapolis for the first time or have spent a lot of time in our great city there are certain things you should do at least once.  Discover the Chesapeake Bay by boat, visit a crab house, eat the perfect ice cream cone or discover a signature cocktail.  There are truly unique places to visit when you come to Annapolis that make this town so special.  There are special events in Annapolis like the Fourth of July or Dining Under the Stars that show off the magic of this historical town by the Chesapeake Bay.  Annapolis is living history and historical architecture. find out how to soak it up while you are in town.  Whether you are planning a last minute trip or a weekend getaway a bucket list will help you make memories and define your trip.  We hope your unique Annapolis Bucket List will keep you returning to town for more memories of Annapolis.  Find out all the ways to fall in love with Annapolis with posts from our Annapolis Bucket List.


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